men are stronger than women!

Personally I think it is an absurd notion to think that men & women are equal ….. we simply are not.  I will try and keep you reading by letting you know that my opinion is NOT that men are superior and women are inferior, however I do not think that we are ‘equal’.  It truly bothers me to have women fight for equality when that is not really an achievable goal.

There is a really disturbing article I read this week about females in the military and new billets being opened up to  women in combat units .  I do not think this is a good move, nor is it any business for a woman to be in combat units.  Having a husband that serves in the infantry – I will say that I do not like the idea of females being in the same unit.  Women are not designed to be in combat – physically or emotionally.

Physically women are not built to be in combat.  I say, that if women want the same jobs/billets as a man, then they should preform to the same standards.  Why are there different PFT charts for males and females?  If the job is the same, then the requirements should be the same.  Females should have to run as fast, do the same amount of pull-ups (not ‘flexed-arm hangs’) and do the same number of crunches.  I do not understand how anyone can think they qualify for the same job when they can not complete the same tasks.  I tend to think that women want equality with special treatment; which is not really equality at all.

There is also the fact that physically women have periods/menstrual cycles.  Let’s just say that females were to serve in combat units   – what is a female to do if they are on patrol or in a remote location when sweet Aunt Flo comes for a visit??  Well, I know that this female would need a clean environment, she will need to tend to her body and change her pads/tampons regularly otherwise she will get sick.  Forget actual combat times – what about training and workups to deployments which could be days to weeks in the field.

Now there is a personal angst I have to express about women serving next to my husband.  He is in the USMC and in the infantry.  He is also an incredible man who is 6’2″ and over 215#.  So, what if there was an issue with my husband while in the field and my husband needed assistance – I truly doubt that most females could pick him up or help him to safety.  Now, I like to think of my husband being superman-like and never needing rescuing, but, having dealt with the vast tragedy of war impacting my life, I am also a realist and I know that there is even time in combat where the strongest men need help.


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